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Since I was a child I had very strong desires to dominate the other children around me, I liked to see them on the ground looking at me from below, and at my early age it made me feel very powerful. 

When I had my first couples I couldn't resist my self but do everything with them that I had wanted to do for so long, some things they accepted with humility, and others not so much, those were the ones that amused me the most, since I greatly enjoyed breaking their will, and knowing that I had the power to make men do what I wanted just by giving them a few little hints of what I really wanted. That feeling of power is indescribable, and since then I have never stopped feeling that power.

That led me to discover BDSM, a world that completely caught me, with which I really enjoy, represents me and accompanies me.

Since then about 18 years have passed where submissives, slaves, dogs, sissys, couples and the most diverse people have passed through my hands.

Currently I greatly enjoy going to BDSM-themed events. It enriches me to meet new people with other tastes and other points of view.

If you want to know me more, you have to discover it yourself. go through the sectionContactto know how you can contact me.

You can also take a look at me amazon wish list  This is how you will show me your level of involvement.

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